Team 5K in 50 States

Team 5K in 50 States: Hannah and Auntie Jennie

Running Buddies: Auntie Shauna, Owen (brother), Dad (Justin), and Uncle Greg.

Cheerleaders: Mom (Nicole), Grandma, Grandpa, Ava (AKA Suzy-Q, cousin), Baby Kaelyn (cousin), Grammy Farr, and Grandpa Tom.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

United at the Cove 5K - Stamford, Connecticut

Driving has proven to be an interesting experience around the East Coast.  When we planned this trip, we selected hotels close to the race starts and our hotel in Stamford was 3 miles from the race start according to Google maps.  We left the hotel about 45 minutes before race start because..."It couldn't take more than 15 minutes to get there."  Well, we thankfully made it to this race, but it took us almost 45 minutes to travel the 3 miles to get there.  You could tell that Stamford was a very old town that had grown into a very LARGE city and unfortunately, downtown Stamford was not designed to accommodate large amounts of traffic.  Most of the city is 1 lane traffic, but the view at the Cove was well worth it.
Thankfully we arrived about 5 minutes before the race start and they ended up starting the race about 15 minutes late.  We had enough time to get our bibs on and get a couple of pictures.
We walked over with the race participants to the race start and off we went.  This race went around the park at the cove and we made 3 laps around the park to complete this race.  Mom really liked this race because she was able to get pictures of us on the race course while we were running. 
Hannah really pushed it for this race and came out with a 1st place finish in her age group with a time of 27:56, a whole TWO minutes faster than our time for the night before.  The age group for this race was even 19 & under!  Hannah got a super cool medal and award for her finish.  She was given a set of coins from the US Mint, which we actually visited on the last day of our trip in Philadelphia.
Hannah was able to get her face painted with our team name 5K in 50 States by Faces by Wells.  What an awesome job she did!
The race crew is ready for our final race in Pennsylvania...

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