Team 5K in 50 States

Team 5K in 50 States: Hannah and Auntie Jennie

Running Buddies: Auntie Shauna, Owen (brother), Dad (Justin), and Uncle Greg.

Cheerleaders: Mom (Nicole), Grandma, Grandpa, Ava (AKA Suzy-Q, cousin), Baby Kaelyn (cousin), Grammy Farr, and Grandpa Tom.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kicking it up a notch!

Yesterday, Hannah and I clocked our fastest 3 mile run at 27:32! While we were running, a lady also running at the ice rink said that we inspired her to start running. We were so excited to hear her say that because that's one of the biggest reasons why we have our 5K in 50 States vision; to inspire people to become active. We see many people at the ice rink on a regular basis who cheer Hannah on while we run and it always adds a spring to our steps :)

Hannah and I have set a goal to run the 5 mile Anchorage Women's Run and the 5 mile Mayors Run in June. To train for these runs, the plan was to increase our Sunday run by a 1/2 mile each month until June. We started running 3.5 miles two weeks ago, and today Hannah decided she wanted to run 4 miles, which we finished in 37:33.  It so hard to believe that Hannah ran her first 5K only 5 1/2 months ago and her time was 42 far she has come.

Due to all of this icy and cold weather Hannah has now started getting a bit of running in on the treadmill.  She seems to enjoy the novelty of the treadmill so it is a great way to get some running in without having to leave the house.

Jr. Nordic Skiing has been quite a learning experience but still fun. Hannah finally got the hang of skiing and learned the "running" trick that all the other kids do. She has enjoyed skiing a lot more now that she is able to stay with the group more.  I am hoping that the skiing will work as sort of a cross training during the winter months for next winter and beyond.

For Christmas, Hannah's grandma (AKA Grammy Farr) got her a medal hanger for her collection of medals from races. The medal hanger is from Allied Running Medal Hangers; they were wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend them! It is super cute and bright pink and Hannah cannot wait to fill it up with her medals.

We are kicking our training into high gear since our next out of state race is in 6 weeks. Look out Disneyworld and the Princess 5K here we come!!!


  1. Such a cute medal display! You guys are training hard- good job!

  2. Hello! I just discovered your blog! When my daughter gets up tomorrow I am going to share it with her! She just turned 7 (is in grade 1) and we run our first 5K in March!! We JUST started training for it! I can't wait to read your journeys.