Team 5K in 50 States

Team 5K in 50 States: Hannah and Auntie Jennie

Running Buddies: Auntie Shauna, Owen (brother), Dad (Justin), and Uncle Greg.

Cheerleaders: Mom (Nicole), Grandma, Grandpa, Ava (AKA Suzy-Q, cousin), Baby Kaelyn (cousin), Grammy Farr, and Grandpa Tom.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bonny Sosa Race #6

 Hannah and Owen happy to have daddy home!

 Pre race pics :)

Jennie writing...

Last night's 5.7K race was a very cold evening at East High School.  We were very thankful for the hot Chai and hot cocoa that a local coffee company provides for every race.  Justin came in yesterday after working nights on the slope and this was his first run in 3 weeks.  Shauna, Justin, and I managed to leave Hannah and Owen's backpacks with the kids coats, hats and gloves and Nicole's coat at my house.  Poor Nicole was really cold!  On the positive side, I did remember to bring Nicole's dinner :)

Coming into the finish line...always with a smile on her face!

The race officials decided to start the race about 5 mintues early since it was so cold and some people ended up missing the start of the race!  Greg almost missed the start.  Hannah and I were off with the crowd!  Justin ran with us for the first 1/2 mile and then headed out on a faster pace to finish in his best time ever.  This was another trail/cross-country course and Hannah has decided she's not the biggest fan of running through the woods.  She only tripped and fell one time this race.  Hannah kept telling the people behind us to "watch your feet."  On a particularly steep up hill, two ladies put their arms under Hannah's and raced me up the hill.  She really got a kick out of that.  This course was also the first really muddy course and both Hannah and I ended up covered in mud and goose poop :(  We finished the race strong though with a time of 33:34.  We are both getting packed for Chicago and can't wait to run in our costumes again on Saturday!
 Post race group pic

Team 5K in 50 States

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